Music: Campus Band – Downhill

Kristian McGrath of pop-punk band Downhill provide the answers for this issue’s Campus Band Questionnaire Who are your members and what do they play?Kristian McGrath (singer), Alan McNally (guitar), Conor Walsh (guitar), Cian Ryan (bass) and Daniel Duggan (drums).Where did the bands name come from?It came from a New Found Glory song called ‘Its All Downhill From Here’.Where do you gig?We play Irish and UK tours. We’ve done Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle, Manchester, York. We rent a van. We play Irish tours before we go away and make money to support our English tours. We really just have to pay for the van.What do you play on your tour bus?Mostly bands like Four Years Strong, Blink 182 and Set Your Goals.Which acts would you choose to headline your dream festival?Four Years Strong, Set Your Goals and maybe, A Day To Remember. They’d definitely be an inspiration.What’s the best thing about going to UCD?The craic. I like the chill factor.And the worst thing about UCD?The academic side. Literally every class I go to. I study English and Drama. I like English, not Drama so much.Where would be your dream place to play?It would probably be Warped Tour. Is that an aspiration? Yes, big time.How do Downhill differ from other bands in UCD?I’ve never heard of or seen any pop-punk bands in UCD before. Watch out for Downhill around campus or check them out on Facebook.