Motions from Executive Meeting not Followed through by Ascough

Minutes from the third executive meeting of the UCDSU have been released and reveal that Katie Ascough did not follow up on motions passed at the second executive meeting.During the second executive meeting the following motions were passed:To allow Campaigns and Communications Officer Barry Murphy recruit pro-choice class reps.To allow all future pro-choice discussion by/with President Katie Ascough to be minuted – Including all Sabbatical officer meetings even one on one.To ensure that when dealing with pro-choice matters that the lawyer is to be accessible to Barry and any Sabbatical officer specifically with pro-choice matters. There was to be a written response from the lawyer on this presented at this meeting of exec.Katie Ascough followed through on the first motion, but not the second and third.During the executive meeting, Ascough was criticised by Barry Murphy for requesting that the Winging It guide available on the UCDSU website be taken down. Ascough made this request to SU staff, and this was not minuted. The discussion was perceived to be relating to pro-choice issues and according to the second motion above was required to be minuted.This was viewed as a failure by Ascough to complete the second motion.Ascough did not complete her duties as required by the third motion above. Ascough failed to follow through on gaining accessibility to the lawyer for other Sabbatical Officers because she had "a very busy week."