Mixtape – Songs to twerk to

Investigating the infectious epidemic of shaking your bottom, Orla McEvoy lists the songs you should work that twerk toDonk – Soulja BoyIf you don’t know how to twerk, or wish to perfect the useful skill of grotesque gyration, listen to this song. It’s basically a tutorial about how to use your “donk”, explained by urban dictionary as “a very round, attractive booty”, derived from the word “badonkadonk.” Lovely.Drop It Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg Now a somewhat feasible pick up line, Snoop Dog/Lion/Miscellaneous-Quadrupedal-Animal sure knows how to talk to the ladies. You only need to hear the intro to this song before feeling that infectious urge to twerk. This song gets you shaking that booty no matter how begrudging you may feel about it; dropping it like it’s hot or whatever that means.(Twerking) Nine to Five – Dolly PartonTumbling out of bed and pouring herself a cup of ambition might do it for Dolly, but in today’s society, simulating Billy Ray Cyrus’ shock-hungry daughter seems to be all you need. With work piling up and tensions rising, a little lower back/bum gyrating is essential. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes because twerking nine to five could be a little painful.I See You Baby – Groove ArmadaThink of this particular song as the hipster of twerk anthems; teaching us how to shake that derrier before it was mainstream. Call it ludicrous, outrageous, ridiculous or even a monstrosity, but you can’t deny that, with a few bevvies aside, everybody twerks. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, so stand up and be counted because honestly, we see you baby, shaking that ass.Stupid Hoe – Nicki MinajIf you’ve seen the video for this song, I think you’ll agree with Otwo that this is a no-brainer entry into the mixtape. Now, we all don’t possess Queen Barbie’s spectacular butt implants, but we can still give it a go. It may not be of the same calibre and you may end up looking like the stupid hoe this song refers to, but if you are really looking to capture this song’s essence, oscillating frantically to Nicki Minaj is the way to go.My Heart Will Go On – Celine DionDancing like an idiot to slow songs, it has to be done. And what song could be more fitting? There’s something slightly satisfying about twerking over the sound of Celine Dion belting out a ballad. You’ll definitely look like an idiot, but the bottom line is, who cares? Love it or hate it, my twerk will go on.We Can’t Stop – Miley CyrusHow could we talk about twerking without mentioning the mutation, once sugar & spice all things nice, queen of twerking herself: Miley Cyrus. Now, this song might not be your typical hip-spasming tune, but if Miley’s VMA performance is anything to go by, it sure can make a girl move. So, to my home girls with the big butts, it’s our party and we’ll be twerking, but maybe not in those PVC hot pants.