Mixtape: Songs to come out of the closet to


Thinking about coming out? Don’t worry about what to say. Just press play and hope people get the message!

‘I’m Coming Out’ – Diana Ross
Let’s start with the obvious: with the lyrics “I’m coming out/I want the world to know”, most people will get the message. Most people will also tell you to turn that awful song off.


‘Keen On Boys’ – The Radio Dept
Stunning shoegaze pop with dreamy vocals, swirling ambience and a subtle beat. That was great! What’s it called? ‘Keen On Boys’. Oh…

‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’ – Culture Club

People will be in no doubt about your sexual orientation when you play this. Boy George acts as a herald announcing you onto the scene. Why else would you listen to Boy George?

‘The Magic Position’ – Patrick Wolf
If I was gay, this would definitely be my choice. Violins and handclaps galore combine to create Wolf’s most accessible euphoric and feel good song. Try not to smile during this camp celebration.

‘In The Navy’ – The Village People
This gay anthem came on suddenly in Spy one Friday and I was surprised to see so many lads flocking to the dance floor. It’s only when I saw their dancing prowess that the penny dropped.

‘Sexy Boy’ – Air
Stylish pop from the French duo could be used to come out if you put it on and stare lustily at some dude across the room. However, miming the words (literally just “sexy boy” repeated, a lot) is not advised.

‘Unsatisfied’ – The Replacements
Certainly not an obvious choice but Paul Westerberg’s emotive lyrics and tortured vocals will have people asking: “What’s up?”

‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’ – C&C Music Factory
Everybody remembers the episode of The Simpsons where Homer takes Bart to a gay steel mill. Play this song and people will definitely know what floats your boat, be it the Simpsons, steel, or men in hot pants carrying hot stuff.

‘YMCA’ – The Village People
I know – two Village People songs – but this had to be included. It’s a classic. If you want to know if a friend is gay, simply post it on Facebook, count to ten, and see if they ‘Like’ it.