Stephanie Wallace Chavanne’s playlist for when you’re happy, bored, or both…

WHY? – ‘The Hollows’

Piano, chipped guitar and a dreary voice – why? This sounds like a fusion of Eminem-style throwouts with Interpol lyrics and psych-folk. It may be a heavy song, but the beat and the backing vocals make it worth a listen.

Kimya Dawson – ‘I Like Giants’

She might be better known for the Juno soundtrack or her ‘radio ballads that don’t get played on the radio’, but Dawson’s ‘I Like Giants’ is an indie lullaby you might expect from the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack.

Get Well Soon – ‘We Are Ghosts’

Taken from second album Vexations, this rise-and-fall guitar piece is the kind of thing played at the end of a party. Easy to sing along to, it will appeal to anyone – especially for its chanting lyrics.

Cocoon – ‘On My Way’

French outfit Cocoon are ‘rock indié’ – a mixture of country, folk and (meaningful) pop lyrics. Appropriate for any beach party this summer, ‘On My Way’ sounds like Jack-Johnson-meets-Mundy, but with more depth.

Fiona Apple – ‘Not About Love’

Rapid and flighty, this takes on elements of Amanda Palmer and Tom Waits to make a painful pleading song. Want to drown out pesky loudmouths on the bus to college? This is your thing. Perfect for road-trips.

Looper – ‘Burning Flies’

This husband-and-wife combo create easygoing chillout tunes, combining electropop with heavy bass riffs, gentle singing, and a turntable. Keep it on your iPod on the way to the RDS.

Wallis Bird – ‘Counting to Sleep’

The gut-passion in Wallis’ voice and stunning guitar playing makes this song one of the most moving on this Mixtape. Definitely a summer drive song – easy to chant to (or hum for the shyer fans).

Bon Iver – ‘The Wolves (Act I and II)’

A painful song about loss and getting over it, Bon Iver’s The Wolves is the summer breakup song, sniffles and all. A charged and collective piece, saturated in empathic meaning.

Doves – ‘Black and White Town’

The kind of song you might expect to hear in the background to some epic sporting scene in The Sunday Game. Guaranteed to get your head thumping with determination.