Halloween is a time when inhibitions are disguised behind bouffants of strange hair, slag costumes and potent rum. Emily Mullen has lovingly carved out a mix tape which you should listen to before you lose your inhibitions inside that morph suit

‘This is Halloween’ – Marilyn Manson
A Halloween mix tape is incomplete without its spoonful of Manson, the mere thoughts of him is enough to make the more temperamental of students’ skin crawl and their blood to turn rancid. The perfect accompaniment to any Halloween costume.

‘Fireworks’ – Katie Perry
‘Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?’ If this song has taught us anything, it is that to succeed in life you must disguise your plastic bagness and transform yourself into a firework. Just like Katy Perry has developed a mysterious penchant for candied California Girls and nipple tassels, you too can disguise your personality behind Halloween props.

‘Bonfire’- Childish Gambino
This hallowed eve why not start a ‘bonfire, burn the lights out, I’m burning everything you motherfuckers talk about’. That’s a lyric. I’m not encouraging you to burn down Newman before the midterm essays are due. Or am I? Out of interest have you ever heard of a concept called subliminal messages?

‘What Makes You Beautiful’ – One Direction
Such a melodious bunch of unbroken voices singing the lines ‘Don’t need make-up, to cover up’, ‘Your turning heads when you walk in the door’, ‘If only you could see what I can see’ and  ‘Everyone else in the room can see it’. See what? Has the Black Swan YouTube make-up tutorial made you look less like Natalie Portman and more like a badger in a skunk costume?

‘It’s What’s Inside That Counts’ – The Mighty Boosh
When Howard sings the lines ‘It’s not the peel it’s the orange’, and Vince chimes in with ‘It’s what’s inside that counts. It’s not the jacket it’s the tater’ it makes you feel instantly better about your decision to make your Halloween costume with the help of a glue gun and some tinsel, and not go the slag route of buying them online. Sure ‘It’s not the crust it’s the filling’, that’s more important on Halloween night, right?

Devil in Disguise – Elvis
Elvis has his finger on the musical pulse, even in death, if that’s possible with the evident lack of a pulse? ‘Look like an angel, walk like an angel, talk like an angel, but you’re the devil in disguise’ are wise lyrical words. Elvis was perhaps not talking about the abundance of slags in angel costumes on Halloween night though.

‘Firewater’ – Django Django
So many firewaters will be consumed on Halloween night, that an abundance of firevomits and subsequent firecollapses will occur. Django Django were onto a winner with that allusion.