Miss UCD postponed until after midterm break

THE MISS UCD competition is now scheduled to take place after the mid-term break. The original provisional date for the competition was the Wednesday, 4th March however this has been changed to a date during the second half of this semester.Students’ Union (SU) Entertainments Officer, Gary Redmond, decided to reschedule the event as “there are various other things, including the SU elections, on that week so we felt it’s not the best time to have it… It would be better suited to have it after the break when the academic and social calendar of UCD is a lot quieter.”Co-ordinator of the Miss University competition, Ivano Cafolla, was unaware of this change and had already pre-booked the venue club, XXI, for the original date. However, Mr Redmond refuted this, saying that “it absolutely won’t be club XXI… the night club hasn’t been as popular as it was maybe last year. XXI is very much a nightclub and as a venue it wouldn’t be suitable at all.” Mr Redmond stated that he is currently in negotiation with other venues in regards to holding the event.Mr Redmond stated that a Mr UCD competition will run in conjunction with Miss UCD this year yet acknowledged that the male version of the competition “would really depend on the number of participants. There may not be the same number of participants for Mr UCD as there would be for Miss UCD.” Speaking about how Mr UCD will feature with the original competition, Mr Cafolla explained that “[it will take place] in the middle of the show. It’ll be like an interval act almost.”Mr Redmond admitted there has been a delay in confirming the event and defended the delay, saying “most of my time has been taken up with the UCD ball at the moment and has been since Christmas.” Mr Cafalla hopes to stage the Miss University finals in early April “[depending] on the individual girls… depending on college, depending on timetables [and] making sure none of the exams are clashing with the final.”Mr Redmond feels there will be no reason for controversy, similar to that encountered last year, as he has changed the “entry requirements based on the feedback from last year.” He added that there is “no entry requirements whatsoever except that you have to be a current UCD student.”The Miss UCD competition will be in aid of the charity Cara Malawi, which works to help improve the lives of people in Malawi.