Mermaid Laundrette

Katie Scanlon reviews the mermaid chic trend in Sophia Webster’s new footwear and bag collection.[br]During her London Fashion Week presentation, designer Sophia Webster once again got in touch with her whimsical side. Through her show, she transformed the venue of a members- only hospital club into a deep sea dive. Leaving no doubt as to who her favourite Disney princess is, the overall theme of Sophia’s adventurous d isplay was the Mermaid Launderette. It was thought to have been one of the stand-alone pieces from London Fashion Week, and was overall wonderfully out of the ordinary.By all accounts the show itself was simply enchanting. A group of mermaids took a well-deserved break from their tails and hung them on a washing line, just to spend time lounging on blue satin sheets inside a giant oyster shell, donning Sophia Webster bejewelled shoes.The staging of the show was impressive, and praise must go to the celebrated set designer Shonda Heath who 3successfully brought Webster’s imaginary world to life.Mermaids make a delightful addition to Webster's list of inspirations, which have previously included unabashedly quirky themes such as butterflies, Barbie, Gwen Stefani and the circus. Successfully mixing her love of fairy-tales with high end fashion instilled a sense of childish glee in all who saw the show. What makes Webster’s pieces so appealing is the blend of femininity and creativity they conceive. Her latest collection debuts some eye-catching and unforgettable shoes that manage to retain their relevance in the marketplace and not veer into the dangerous zones of outlandish or tacky.Despite having chosen such an attention grabbing theme Webster managed to stay on point, tying the theme and the showcased pieces together effortlessly. She never strayed from specific detail, ensuring that the visuals for the show related directly to her products. The clip on the clutch bags look like crafted underwater pearls and the texture of some of the cross body bags are fabricated to resemble a mermaid's tail.Even with the high expectations one has for such a talented designer, the Spring collection does not disappoint in its variety. Webster covers many different styles, so that there is something available for all tastes. Many of the shoes bring to life the vibrancy of the ocean. Each pair is as beautiful and kooky as the next, from the bejewelled platform sandals in candy pink and pastel blue to the peep toe pumps with large colourful ey3-ie-catching flowers.With soothing pastels being a popular trend this season Webster rightfully opted for a palette of soft colours including baby pink, lavender, baby blue and peach. These tones are highlighted by vibrant jewels, which play an integral role in the collection. Of course, an outfit is never complete without the right bag and, being well aware of this, Webster offers a multi-coloured box clutches alongside fun and witty canteen bags. Each one is as glamorous as possible with an eye-catching mix of colours, topped off with an adorable pearl shaped clasp.It is clear to see that Webster has a fascination for the quirky side of life and magical creatures, and the essence of her accessories appeal is their ability make life seem fantastical.