MechSoc society cards falsely advertise Union shop discount

UCD Mechanical Engineering society (MechSoc) have sent an email to members, retracting the information on the society card that advertised “UCDSU 10% Off Meal Deal”, stating that the promotional deal was “no longer valid.” Speaking to the University Observer, a member of the MechSoc committee said “this morning Dave Collins came over to our stand, checked out our card and told us the deal was no longer valid and that we shouldn’t promote it.” In response, MechSoc have redacted the deal on the cards and have completely stopped distributing the membership cards when students sign up this week in the Freshers’ tent. The committee member who spoke to the University Observer, further explained, “they’re old cards. We couldn’t afford new cards so we just went with leftovers.” David Collins, Commerical Manager of the SU shops was made aware of the cards information when a groups of students attempted to avail of the deal in SU shops this morning. The Union does not currently offer a 10% off on meal deals for the shops. According the the SU, there is no record of any members of the union authorising a promotional deal, with no current staff having any knowledge of the deal in question for the past 6 years.