MacLachlan elected as L&H Auditor for 160th session

Eoin MacLachlan has spoken about his delight following his appointed as the new Auditor of the Literary and Historical (L&H) Society for the 160th session of UCD largest student society.MacLachlan had previously served as a committee member for the L&H under the previous auditor, Alex Owens, and treasurer, Sorcha Kinder. He attributes the success of last year's committee as being a key reason behind his decision to go for the position of auditor.“Having thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Alex and Sorcha, this year’s outgoing auditor and treasurer, I wanted to contribute further to the Society. Working on Committee with many talented and intelligent people to organize events for the general student body and with debaters across the country, both young and old, was something I really wanted to continue doing.”For MacLachlan, the role of auditor “entails providing focus and direction for a committee,” and involves “maintaining the society and its various aims and activities.” He is taking inspiration from Owens' strong leadership on these fronts, and plans to push the society to do the best it can for its members through the ideas and work of its committee.The L&H will be taking a larger role in aiming to create a more “welcoming and engaging atmosphere” around campus. MacLachlan is looking forward to working with both the University itself and other societies to promote and foster a more inclusive outlook amongst students.The tradition of debating in UCD is inextricably linked with the L&H, and MacLachlan hopes to expand the society's influence both on and off campus. He is organising new internal debating competitions, which will be “specifically aimed at those who normally wouldn't debate or have no experience of it.”Debating will also be broadened with a new Outreach programme, which will see the L&H training children from disadvantaged schools in the art of debating. It is hoped that they can develop new cultures of debating among school pupils.MacLachlan acknowledged the challenge that the new programme will bring, but is optimistic of its success.While plans for next year continue to be formulated, the L&H have organised several events to bring this semester to a close. They are set to award Michael Eavis, the dairy farmer who started the Glastonbury Festival on his land in 1970, an Honorary Fellowship award.Eavis will be discussing the growth of the Festival, his life in the music industry as well as his recent philanthropic ventures. MacLachlan is encouraging students to attend the event, which will be held on Wednesday, April 2nd in the Fitzgerald Chamber at 5pm.