Louise Keogh and Clare O'Connor in running for Welfare Officer

UCD Students' Union's Welfare Officer is one of the most challenging and vital jobs any UCD student can take on. Between handling personal cases daily and lobbying for measures to improve the student experience, the Welfare Officer's role is one of the most appreciated within the Union and the one that students are most likely to come into contact with. This year's race is between two candidates, Louise Keogh and Clare O'Connor.  [hr]Louise KeoghCourse: Second Year English and SociologyExperience: Auditor, LGBTQ+ Society.“I ran the ‘Yes’ side of the SU marriage equality referendum, the voter registration campaign and other things such as wellbeing week in the  LGBTQ+ society. I think all these previous experiences will help me when I am trying to deal with being in Welfare office in the SU.”  [hr]Clare O’ConnorCourse: Third Year ScienceExperience: Class Rep and Peer Mentor. Active in Ents Forum and Science Society.“From my own experience I can understand how tough life can be for UCD students and I have a genuine passion for helping other people and providing support for students who are in a tough place. “