LinkedIn paves the way to your future career

Image Credit: Souvik Banerjee via Unsplash

Robert Curley discusses LinkedIn as a valuable career tool

LinkedIn’s mission is to connect professionals around the world to achieve their overall career progress and success. Initially the site had a measly 4,500 members, but it has now transformed into a pillar for professional development. A new user will immediately recognise the site’s comparability to a standard resume as it features the essential personal and career information visible to those who view their page. In a majority of sectors, a LinkedIn page is considered as important as – if not more desirable – the more traditional CV. 

Notably, LinkedIn is more dynamic than its predecessor offering users networking capabilities which had never been possible before. This ground-breaking new medium for communicating with professionals aided in reducing the severity of hierarchies within the average workplace. For example, a junior accountant in the early stages of their career could use LinkedIn as a networking tool to communicate directly with senior executives in their firm or others in different financial institutions. Thanks to LinkedIn, with a swift click of the mouse users connect directly to senior executives in an organisation. They avoid grudging through the inner workings of the firm, bouncing from superior to superior until eventually, they grab the attention of their desired professional. 

Without a doubt, the uncertainty of future careers plagues university students with anxiety. Nevertheless, LinkedIn can remedy this apprehension. Troubled students can look to their course alumni to see which career pathways are open to them. It is advisable for students to use this effective platform to reach out to alumni and find out more information about their options. Additionally, the meticulously designed algorithm serves to enhance employer and job-seeker experiences. LinkedIn guides its users towards professional opportunities suited to their skillset, experience, and interests. Similarly, an enterprise looking to fill an open position in their organisation can find a suitable candidate to fulfil their recruitment criteria. 

It is advisable for students to use this effective platform to reach out to alumni and find out more information about their options.

Today the site boasts over 1 billion users, and is the dominant force in the recruitment market. It is crucial to have a page on the site in the modern working world. It serves as a beneficial tool for students, job-seekers, and professionals. If you are interested in becoming more connected in your professional field or are looking to further your career, creating a LinkedIn account is a necessity.