Library Cats Publishing House Opens Submissions: An Invite for Novice Writers

Sofia Chirico talks us through the publishing process of Library Cats Publishing House as they open submissions.

Library Cats Publishing House is all about the writer. Meet the digital, non-profit publishing house that focuses on friendliness and writers’ freedom. Founded in 2021 by PhD student and writer, Marcos Echevarria, Library Cats Publishing House is a London-based online publisher. This non-profit organisation aims to provide a space primarily for writers who are at the beginning of their careers. The company’s goal is to build a supportive community and assist writers in professionally editing and publishing their work on the company’s website, while also giving authors the opportunity to print their work after online publication, “Our primary goal is to promote new writing and new reading.”

Currently, on their website, the organisation counts about 16 early-career writers who share a passion for literature and the arts. So, how does it work? 

The publishing process with Library Cats Publishing House covers every need of the writer, providing them with feedback on their work, constructive criticism and editing services. The company guarantees they read every single one of the manuscripts they receive, and they also provide one-to-one feedback to authors. Library Cats Publishing’s top priority is that the writer is at the core of the process. Therefore, they have total control over the final work that will be published and will give approval over every step of the process. For instance, the authors have the complete freedom to decide whether they want to charge money for the download of their work or want to keep it free for the reader. 

Library Cats Publishing House brings an innovative style of publishing and promotes both writing and reading among young and old. Its passionate team helps young aspiring authors to connect with people and gain visibility from bigger publishers which is vital in this industry, making it an ideal option for students. 

Library Cats Publishing House has opened their submissions – visit their website  to submit your manuscript.