LGBTQ+ society to hold Emergency General Meeting

[br]Following the resignation of their auditor and secretary, the LGBTQ+ society will hold an Emergency General Meeting next Monday 12th October.  The meeting comes nearly six months after the society’s Annual General Meeting when the current committee were elected.Ex-auditor Amy Crean, who is also the LGBTQ+ coordinator for UCD Students’ Union, explains that her reasons for resigning were down to time commitments.  She is also on the committee of the L&H and Labour Youth.  The secretary, Adam Ryan, stepped down for personal reasons.  Until they are replaced both the previous auditor and secretary will continue to fulfil their duties.Nominations closed on Monday 5th October, as all candidates have to announce their nomination a week beforehand.  Voting is done by secret ballot after all candidates have made a speech at the EGM.  At least three people have gone forward for auditor with a number of people stepping forward for secretary.The situation is made more precarious as the society is in between constitutions.  At the end of last year, the society changed the constitution but this has yet to be fully approved by the Societies Council.  However, the Public Relations Officer Aoife Ward says that they have “been told to work off the new constitution by Richard Butler,” the University Societies’ Officer.The expectation within the society is that a current member of committee will step forward to run for auditor.  However, Tech Officer Jessica Platt-McCarthy notes that nominations were open to all members of the society and that “it’s entirely up to the society who they want to come in.”  If a current member of the committee is elected, their position will also have to be voted on at the EGM.The committee expects a lot of interest from its members, particularly first years as Platt-McCarthy says “it would be their first EGM or AGM that they’d been to.”  Ward goes on to state that new members are likely to attend to understand more about how the society is run.Both Platt-McCarthy and Ward state that these developments have not impacted on the society’s plans.  As Ward says, “we still have the same amount of events running this week that we had originally planned to run, same for next week… it’s not going to be an  extra strain on us.”  Platt-McCarthy went on to emphasise the work that the committee has already put in and will continue to put in, saying “everyone’s been really good about it.”