Letters to the Editor: Vol XXVII Issue 6

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Dear Sir/Madam.

It is galling to read and hear of the extremely high salaries of those broadcasters in RTE; it is not justifiable and should be rendered Ad Nauseam immediately. Have people in authority no conscience when you see those same people. Especially in relation to our overworked, lower paid "nurses and carers'' in our hospitals. Who have to fight tooth and nail to just get a pittance of a wage increase?

Let us be realistic; we do not need Broadcasters in RTE to keep the Nation alive in health. But we do require "nurses and carers" to help us in sickness. Another thing that galls me is that R.T.E. is always putting  on the poor mouth... that they need more funding; for what to pay those Broadcasters, I sincerely hope not? 

The government should immediately step in here and direct RTE to not pay those unjustifiable high salaries to those Broadcasters and put that money towards paying our "nurses and carers" a justifiable wage. As Roland Barthes, the late "Critical Theorist" would say; "What would Readers consider to be a just wage for Broadcasters in RTE".

Yours faithfully.

Edward Mahon.