Letter to the Eds

Instead of the colourful letter from the editors of O-two, I’ve taken it upon myself (Mittens) to say nice and mean things about the magazine’s editors.Donna/Kieran, I was always jealous that the fashion pages were designed so much nicer than mine. The arrows in every issue were not a personal swipe at you Kieran, but you were right, they were meaningless. As for Donna, you are petite and full of surprises. We loved having you, even more than JHB loves you. Marry me!George/Grace, *awkward turtle* second editorial role to suffer a resignation midway through the year. George, you made an amazing first impression on Mittens when you showed up at the office at 9am on the dot to do an interview with Fyfe Dangerfield for your first O-two article, even though you had to travel from Bray to do so. You’ve filled the Music Editor role with the same professionalism as Grace Murphy did for the first seven issues and were a delight to have around the office.Jon Hozier-Byrne, I have taken far too many of your late night calls trying to give advice on what should go in my insightful column. However, you have really stood out of the Glen Coco shadow this year and found an area to excel in. You are an inspiring writer. I always flick straight to your content when I pick up a copy of the paper.Killian, you’ve been shy to pull your weight in O-two over the past few weeks and made Emer do all the hard and easy work. You should be ashamed of yourself. Especially when you forgot to put her name down for the Smedias Magazine of the Year entry, that was disgraceful. But in hindsight, that didn’t really matter at all, did it. <insert slanted smiley face>Emer, another awards ceremony, and another year of being robbed. You are O-two’s Colour Writer of the Year and were an excellent co-editor to keep the ship running when Killian was busy writing whatever the hell he wanted when it suited him. You are the queen of O-two, and Fadora McSexywho will never take that away. Just to make sure you got the longest individual appraisal, Mittens has thrown in this extra sentence.Fight Like Apes, your columns/philosophical ruminations on the virtues of Solpadine have consistently been among the highlights of this publication, thank you and you’re more than welcome back anytime.Last, but certainly not least, PAC man. Peter Anthony Corway, your press releases were a welcome change from the usual “Rihanna’s new multi remixed single is out BUY IT”. We were gutted to lose you and your hive of band manager contacts. Get in touch, O-two misses you.And O-two will also miss all of its amazing readers. You guys make the magazine what it is. Wait what am I saying, that’s ridiculous – we make the magazine what it is! How could the readers make a magazine?Until next year,Meow.