Letter from the Otwo Editors: Vol. XXVII Issue 8

Image Credit: Ellen Duggan and Andrew Nolan

Welcome back for our 8th and final issue of the Otwo!

Howyas all,

Welcome back for the OTwo series finale! The time we have spent putting these issues out has flown in – it's crazy to think that this is number eight. Time flies when you’re glued to your computer 26 hours a day, doesn’t it? Though I have to say we’ve absolutely loved releasing these pieces every month. It’s been a pleasure, and we hope you have enjoyed reading them too! We do still have one issue for you, and we hope that there’s something here to keep you buzzing through the busy coming weeks (or to use as a total distraction – we’d take that as a compliment)

The sun is back out, the days are longer, and the parks are filling up. That can only mean one thing – Exam Season is coming! 

Typical, isn’t it? We’ve been crying for a bit of brighter days, and only when we’ve put 400 essays or lab reports on the back burner does the sun decide to show. I always act surprised at the revelation, as if the sacrificing of students’ wellbeing to the Sun Gods isn’t a yearly Irish tradition at this point. Sure look, don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself. Do your readings in the sun, tattoo the words ‘grand stretch in the evening’ across your forehead, show up to your classes three vodkas deep* – it’s your summer for the love of God, do what ya want! 

*this is what we refer to as a joke – we take no responsibility for any potential disciplinaries. Just be cute about it, yeah? 

As we band together to thank daylight savings, canal-side spaces and glimmering forecasts of sun from Met Eireann, us as co-editors would be remiss in not thanking every individual who has contributed to OTwo this year. Whether your support has taken the form of a writer, reader, or someone who merely uses our stacked issues as coffee coasters on your ikea desk on which you balance endless rounds of maxwell house coffee at 3am, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for engaging in whatever way you can during times in which this activity alone can feel like climbing Kilimanjaro in heelys.

The rumours that we are nothing if not consistent here at the Observer are true, and we shall consolidate that by really going forward with that Kilimanjaro metaphor. Gird your loins.  

Finding pleasure, during a year in which we have been surrounded and overwhelmed by time, can feel impossible to reach towards, the journey towards contentment this year has felt for many like a difficult task. But by flicking through OTwo may you realise that the ugliest architecture has its own strange intentions of beauty, that a truly terrible film has its points of awe inspiring mischief and that the contents of your dusty kitchen cupboard are nothing to laugh at.

There is joy around the corner for us all, no matter how big or small.

Thank you and peace out,

Andy and Ellen