Letter from the Otwo Editors: Vol. XXVII Issue 7

Image Credit: Andrew Nolan and Ellen Duggan

Welcome back for Issue 7 of the Otwo!

Howyis all,

Welcome back for the seventh issue of the OTwo! Even typing that out is a strange one, to be honest. As weird a college term as it has been, it’s definitely been a quick one. Not sure about you guys, but trimester two’s midterm has been a bit of a blessing. We’re up to our eyeballs in work but the break in routine is a welcome change of pace. The ever-present narrative on being productive aside, it’s nice to get wobbly drunk on a Zoom call and not have to worry about putting your hungover head in front of a virtual lecturer the next morning. You’ve done more than enough to earn this, enjoy it. Though, there is always that pressure of getting things done over the midterm, isn’t there? Work tends to be lumped on to make up for the two-week lecture gap, with tutors either totally unaware or blissfully ignorant of every other class leader doing the exact same thing. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – if you didn’t get as much done as you had thought or hoped you would try not to worry about it too much. Take it easy on yourself, the work will always get sorted in the end, and who’s to say that two-week respite wasn’t necessary to go on a tear for the rest of the semester? Mind yourselves and take a minute out, you’ll be grand.

Speaking of being grand, either for a full day (feeling grand for a full day in our current climate, should perhaps be reserved solely for people who win the lotto. Specifically EuroMillions) or even just a light grandness for a split second, our resident ironic fishing hat-wearing member, Simon Dobey, compares and contrasts our current pandemic world, with themes from our personal favourite of Beckett’s rom coms: Waiting for Godot. If Beckett’s prose is not your cup of tea and you are searching for a new gimmick to perform alone in your room at 3am to keep yourself entertained and distracted from searching ‘Length of Harry Styles' Grammys Feather Boa in feet’ for the seventeenth time that morning, we would recommend reading waiting for Godot, front to back, in an Emmet Kirwin slam poetry voice. By page three you will feel unstoppable. Please contact us with the results. 

As per, we have another cracking issue! Isabella Ambrosio sits down for a chat with Skylar Accord of Issues. In Food and Drink, we have a look at some alternatives for your typical takeaway orders. And towards the end, some of the staff members are braving it all to give you their most unpopular opinions (note; we do not accept emailed complaints related to this, apologies xx)

Unfortunately, we only have one more issue for you after this. But the good news is, we still have one more issue for you after this. We hope to see you back!

Mind yourselves,

Andy Nolan and Ellen Duggan