Letter from the OTwo Editors: Vol. XXVII Issue 5

Image Credit: Andrew Nolan and Ellen Duggan

Howyis all,

We’re back again to welcome you to Issue 5 of OTwo magazine! It's crazy to think that Trimester Two is here already, the break absolutely flew by. A little annoying, given that we all go flat out in preparation for essays and exams, only then for our break to last about as long as a Capri-Sun. Ah look, sure we go again!

Regardless of the length, I hope you all made something of the break. Given the year that was in it, I think a bit of rest and your standard biblical Christmas binge feed was the very least we deserved. It goes without saying that we’re glad to see that year behind us at this stage. Things might be closed down but there’s still plenty to look forward to! Hopefully Pfizer-BioNTech comes in clutch so we can all waffle and debate about the conspiracy theories in the warm, familiar setting of a pub. I’m starting to think that your man from Shaun of the Dead had the right idea. Even with that, it's still a new year! So, get your resolutions together, get stuck into home cooking, and do your best to get the Revenue site up and running so you can put that tasty tax return straight into some Gucci. Or scrap your resolutions altogether and get a chipper instead. No judgements here, sure we’ll probably see you in the queue.

We’d just like to pop in with a quick note - don’t feel too beat up if you’ve gotten results back that aren’t quite the highs that you’re used to getting. The current setup definitely isn’t for everyone, and I’m sure if we could all be back on campus en masse, we’d jump at the chance. It’ll be alright, get stuck in again this trimester. And if you did manage to keep up with it all and get decent results, fair play! It’s definitely tricky to get used to, so all the more power to you for making the best of the situation! Even though we’re all off-campus, there’s still a plethora of services running to help us keep our head straight. Student supports are available online for advice and guidance, and plenty of societies are running events and the like to provide something of a connection. Don’t be afraid to poke the head up and have a look around at what’s happening. If there’s anything you can do to make life easier for yourself, you might as well take it. 

As per, we have another cracker in for you this issue! If Cyberpunk 2077’s botched release has you in bits, pop by Games for a bit of reading that won’t crash on a PS4. Our editor Doireann sat down with the fabulous CMAT for this issue’s front page interview, and Music's Isabella caught up with The Nagging Doubts. Or maybe if you’re trying your hand at some 2021 home cooking, why not swing by Food and Drink for a lovely bit of inspiration?

There’s plenty to be read, and we hope you enjoy it all!

Mind yourselves,

Andy and Ellen xx