Letter from the OTwo Editors: Vol. XXVII Issue 3

Howyiz doing,

I know it’s something of a cliché to say, but how is it coming up to reading week already? I’m in my third year yet I’m always shocked by just how quickly the year actually goes. Reading week always seems great in theory, having a week off straight to catch up and prepare for the rest of the semester (trimester), but I think I’ve spent every one to date catching up on sleep more than anything else. If anyone would shoot me an email in solidarity with the above, it would mean a lot. Surely they won’t fail the lot of us.

On an honest note though, if you haven’t done as much as initially planned for the week that’s in it, that’s alright. It’s safe to say that everything is a bit all over the place at the moment. With that, it's darker a lot earlier, and its normal to feel like things are a little heavier right now. Nothing wrong with taking a minute to recharge for once. So try not to worry too much if you feel like you could have gotten more done, or if you’re a little behind. Put your feet up for a minute and relax, it’ll be grand in the end. 

It's typical that this year would have seen Hallowe'en fall on a Saturday and we should all have been in a lovely position to go out and celebrate it properly, but ah, restrictions. I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t left this desk in roughly 47 years, and having cans by a bonfire while your mate, dressed up as a Dunnes own-brand Iron Man, who tries not to fall asleep having overdone it in pre-drinks sounds pretty nice right about now. But alas, we can’t do all too much about that. There’s still plenty of ways to enjoy the season of the spooks, though. Why not relax inside, make a nice hot chocolate and finally watch some of those movies you’ve been pretending to have seen for all these years? The indoors are very much your oyster here. This issue, in true spite of not being able to visit a bar, we tell you all about the horrible times we’ve had in one. Maybe we can convince ourselves that they’ve always been overrated anyway. Just maybe. 

Elsewhere, we have a bank of interviews to get stuck into. Isabella Ambrosio sits down with Touché Amoré’s Jeremy Bolm to talk about their new album. Andrew Nolan talks to electronic artist Hollow about some of his collaborative efforts, and how he went about building such a network. Anna Blackburn chats to actor Eoin O’Dubhghaill about his experiences on stage and screen. If that isn’t your cup of tea, why not take a look at some of the artwork throughout the edition? The Art & Design team have absolutely killed it yet again. 

We hope you enjoy issue three!

Take care & mind yourselves,

Andy and Ellen x