Letter from the OTwo Editors: Vol XXVII Issue 2

Howdily doodily, and welcome back to another issue of the OTwo Arts and Culture supplement!

It’s safe to say that things have been a little hectic for us all so far since the new college year began. In hindsight, I think we took the Summer just gone, and the time off that came with it, for granted. The weeks are coming on in double time now, and the workload is thick and strong already. Though, it does help having a “broken webcam”, allowing you to stay in bed, drifting back to sleep while the sound of probably important lecture notes soothes the soul away. C’mon lads, surely I’m not the only one doing it. 

Over the last week, it has come to light that the remainder of the trimester will be held online, coinciding with the strange back and forth we have all just seen regarding what level of restrictions we’re being pushed to. Overall safety has to be a priority, but it's very easy for this whole situation to become a bit too heavy at times. You could read the headlines, the angry comments, and religiously watch each announcement as they’re made and still have very little idea as to what’s going on. Generally, it’s not helpful for so many wishy-washy guidelines and recommendations to be suggested without the consideration of how your day-to-day life in college will change. It’s absolutely each to their own; some people enjoy the online experience and being allowed the freedom to carry on with your work at your own devices. But some rely heavily on the in-person lecturer-to-student relationship to fully embrace their studies and get the most out of their resources. 

No matter what side of the coin you fall on, it cannot be understated how important it is to take the time to take care of yourself, and during such a situation, even more so. Stress is naturally at an all-time high, so if you feel like you’ve been spaced out, or struggling to maintain the same workload as before, please don’t be too hard on yourself. Working yourself to the point of exhaustion isn’t helpful for you, both physically and mentally, so please take the time to relax and allow yourself to unwind. Besides, we’re in college. Deadlines might be scary but sure look; it’s nothing that a can of Red Bull and a few cheeky Google searches won’t sort out in the end.  Mind yourself, you’ve got this.

Hopefully, there’s something for you in this issue to help remedy that. Ellie McCreanor sits down with Alba Mullen of Trashion to discuss the movement behind sustainable clothing. If you’re more of a games buff, this issue contains pieces looking at the new generation of consoles and Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda. Robyn Murphy dives into how cinema might look with a year absent of Marvel releases. And of course, the lovely Joanne Joanne offers another batch of advice for student living. 

Another packed-out issue that we hope you enjoy!

Lotsa Warmthness,
Andy and Ellen