Week four already, and issue two for us! It’s been busy up here in otwo Towers. Busy and confusing. Presumably it’s been equally busy and confusing for you too. Really, if you haven’t already been to the first couple of Socialist Worker Party, Legion of Mary and C&E meetings, and managed to befriend a Spanish person who lives in Belgrove, you’ve been wasting your time.

Confusion has been directed our way from multiple sources for the past fortnight. In a worrying development, the fashion editor has been strutting around the office in Cantos and a baggy Dunnes hoodie (with thumb-holes), with a large gaelic football gear bag slung nonchalantly over his shoulder. We can only assume that he was concentrating so intensely on the quality of his articles his creative energy was exhausted when the time came to get dressed this morning.


Another stress-inducing moment was when several contributors were observed (Observer, see?) chatting enthusiastically about this issue’s fantastic article about BJ. BJ? “Well, we know UCD is a pleasantly liberal spot,” we began, “but wouldn’t devoting 900 words, a double-page spread and the front cover to oral sex be excessive?” Happily, it turns out that we actually have an exclusive interview with Basement Jaxx.

In other, hopefully less digressive, news, this issue you can look forward to reading an interview with UCD graduate, Late Late Show host and generally pleasant individual, Ryan “otwo call me Tubs” Tubridy. We also spoke to Teutonic party-inciter Boys Noize, who’ll be paying a visit to our own Student Bar this week.

We’d also like to introduce our new columnist Agony Anto (aunt, Anto, geddit? We’re quite proud of that one). He’ll be taking a tough, no-nonsense approach to dealing with any of your problems that are too tough for Scottie.

otwo is also keeping an eye to your physical wellbeing by ensuring you’re appropriately nourished: watch out for The Top Five Snacks to Eat After a Heavy Night Out, and (vital, we know) our guide to pouring a Guinness just right. otwo, never a paper to grasp for credit or adulation, takes no responsibility for the ranks of Adonises that following the advice of those two articles is sure to create over the coming months.


Colin & Eoin