Hey peeps and peepettes,

It’s that special time of year again, when February slips sluttily into March and you realise you’ve been drinking for seven weeks solidly and have ten essays due. We here at O-two have taken procrastination to the next level to bring you the finest magazine this campus has to offer.

This issue not only features interviews with the biggest rising acts like O Emperor, Anna Calvi and Little Comets, but multi-award winning American actor Martin Sheen. Will you find out why Charlie Sheen is such a mental case? Er, no, he wouldn’t let us ask that, but there is plenty of gold about the man himself (note: this particular Sheen was the star of Apocalypse Now and The West Wing; for other famous Sheens, see issue 9).

You can also find out such life-changing information as what UCD students would do if they were given control of the country (thankfully most of these people will be forced to emigrate due to the recession), why the 70s are back in more ways than the job market and which two cities you could choose to base your new life in.

Finally, ignoring all advice from resident sexpert Fadora McSexypants, Killian brought a little bundle of joy to the office this week, disproving the pregi-nazis claims that it takes nine months and a uterus to have a baby. You can read all the trials and tribulations of Killian’s pregnancy diary on pages 26 and 27.


Emer and Killian