Letter from the Eds

Issue 9 - Eds letter

Yo peeps,Did anyone else get that lingering stench in the air on Monday? Well that was the smell of Love™. The smell that resonates on this holy day has a unique effect on the olfactory senses of everyone.For those stuck in a loving relationship, the smell was like roses and perfection. For those in a relationship where they share ice-cream cones and lick the cute little bit of vanilla that sticks on the tip of their partner’s nose before going on to French kiss their vertebrae, it smelt like a romantic picnic.However, for those who are accustomed to eating ice cream by the tub load, it smelt like a truck running them over. Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Some people are opposed to showing open affection towards another human being (pillows not included) and there are those that don’t like the idea of a flying baby with a bow and arrow.Even though O-two missed the Valentine’s buzz, we decided to overkill the topic some more. Browse our lovey duvvy content as Lauren McKeown gets her soapbox on for a Valentine’s bashing and Shuffle gives you ‘Songs to break up to.’Keeping up with the times, O-two also gets into Oscars mode as Film Editor Jon Hozier-Byrne gives you the down lows and Stephen Allen chronicles the undeserving Oscars.Film hits the heights this issue, but Music sets the pace as interviews with Austraaalian band Cut Copy, Hercules and Love Affair while the Super Furry Animal himself, Gruff Rhys, keep the quality high and interests piqued. O-two would also like to welcome our new tiny pretty Fashion Editor, Donna Doyle, on board and would like to wish her predecessor, Kieran Murphy, all the best. Kieran really rocked the role and will be sorely missed.--Yours we miss you Kieran,Emer & Killian