Letter from the eds

Jai Ho readers,It’s the new year if you haven’t already realised. The best way to notice that we have started a new 365-day cycle is to observe the sudden rise in people making ridiculous resolutions to better themselves. Complete restoration of the mind, body and soul by any means necessary is top of most people’s agenda. The methods are exercise, starvation and liking Mass-related pages on Facebook.So what are o-two’s new year’s resolutions? Stop laughing at people as a means to boost our own ego and that’s about it. That’s a pretty big thing to cut out of our ego’s diet to be fair.Speaking of new year’s resolutions, diets and egos, we have an interview with Welsh rockers Feeder, who give us some exclusive news about their new album as well as providing the secret to longevity as a band. Here’s a clue: Don’t go on X Factor.In fashion, Kieran Murphy explains why wearing your dad’s oversized suit looks ridiculous, while also having tips for where girls can buy a nice gown.Looking towards our music section, we are happy to include interviews with the Go! Team and Zola Jesus, along with some decidedly non-music-y stuff including a feature on TNA wrestler The Pope.Film provides you with some killer reviews as well as a list of films to help you stick to those pesky resolutions.Yours faithfully,Emer & Killian