Let’s Do This Thing

James McMorrow is a talented, fresh face to the Irish singer-songwriter music scene, on the cusp of releasing his debut album Let’s Do This Thing, due for release this December.jamesmcmorrowThe singer’s influences stem from the musically talented who try and create something different – much like himself. “I’m a huge fan of anybody who takes music in that way… The National would probably be my favourite band, my favourite record of the year would be Wild Beasts’ Two Dancers - an amazing record.”McMorrow has had to experiment with more than a few creative techniques for his debut “Last year I was in a recording studio doing the straight linear recording, which didn’t really work for me… I moved to an abandoned house outside Drogheda on my own with a computer and a bunch of instruments for about 5 months… Pretty much everything I could throw at it, bass, drums organs, ukuleles. I’ve collected a wide variety of instruments over the years; I piled them all into my car and tried to make them fit, basically!”The record is a completely self-produced and self-played affair, and it is evident that James’s obsession for music and perfection pushed him to his limits in making his much-anticipated debut. “The way I made the record was quite experimental, [playing with] different sounds and seeing what fit… I can’t really write songs in a very simple fashion; I like to see what ends I can get out of them.”We got a sneak preview of what to expect from Let’s Do This Thing as the song ‘Follow you Down to Red The Oak Tree is featured on the current Barnardos television advertising campaign ‘Help Change A Child’s Future’, not a bad start for the upcoming release. “It came about by complete coincidence – my manager over here has an office on the quays and the ad agency that has made the campaign are in the same building….I don’t think it was a particular conversation I think it was just a chat one day, they said they couldn’t find a song that fitted and he said I’d finished my record, he’d only gotten it maybe the week before…it was just my mixes from the house, so he said listen to this and if its something…..it wasn’t what I expected it just worked, a deep, intense ad....I watched it in a coffee shop and was moved by it.”.McMorrow’s sensual and levitating voice is one of the distinguishing features of his music. It is soft, warm and captivating; together with his alluring guitar play, make for an uplifting listen. So keep your ears and eyes open for this original and aesthetic singer and do not miss the release of his debut album.In the meantime ‘If I Had a Boat’ and ‘Follow You to the Red Oak Tree’ can be heard via James’ official Facebook and MySpace pages.Kellie Nwaokorie