Leinster Rugby to move to UCD campus

Leinster Rugby CEO Michael Dawson and UCD President Hugh Brady have agreed that a training facility for Leinster Rugby will be built on UCD grounds.

Renovations are currently underway at the old Philips building on campus, with a number of first-class administrative offices being constructed there for use by Leinster Rugby.

The decision is expected to be implemented soon, says Breen, with dates as early as January 2012 being cited for the official move.

Peter Breen of Leinster Rugby told the University Observer that the agreement has been “on course, on budget, and it’s on time, so from that point of view it’s been first class.”

Leinster currently makes use of the UCD all-weather pitch facilities, but the plans include a new pitch which will be constructed specifically for use by Leinster Rugby.

Reasons being cited for the move include the plan to have all of Leinster Rugby’s training facilities in one central place. “It’s going to take Leinster into the future in terms of our administrative offices, as well as the team facility, the state-of-the-art gym and everything like that. It will be based up in the one centre so that will help Leinster organisationally and will provide them the best off-field preparation in terms of science.”

Breen says that advancements in facilities is part of a “natural progression” in rugby. He notes that the move marks a significant turning point in Leinster Rugby history and remarks that a long time has passed since the game first became professional and there were “players getting changed in the back of cars.”

Breen declined to comment on the cost of the move but said that it is being funded by private investors.