LawSoc Auditor defends guest stripping at debate


UCD Law Society Auditor, Conor O’Hanlon, has defended last week’s Glamour Model debate, at which a model appearing as a guest speaker stripped to her underwear. When asked whether he felt that the behaviour was inappropriate, he stated that “some people might take that view. I wouldn’t.”

The debate, which took place on Tuesday 8th September, also featured speakers from the Society who appeared on stage inebriated, and who made a range of sexist and racist jokes.


While O’Hanlon said that some of the behaviour was “regrettable”, he saw the evening as “quite an enjoyable event.”

He told The University Observer that the members of the Law Society who appeared drunk while speaking at the debate “are due to make a full apology at the next LawSoc meeting,” and that “they’ll also be putting a full, written apology on the LawSoc noticeboard.” He also said that, in future, “there will be a full check on speakers before they go on,” to prevent drunken members of the Society from speaking.

O’Hanlon felt that “there was nothing that I could do or that the Law Society could do” to stop the glamour model from stripping, however he did state that he “would have stepped in had she tried to go any further.”

When asked if he thought the event reflected badly on the Society, O’Hanlon replied that “there were a number of things at the event that I’m not happy about, but I wouldn’t say that the event was a complete disaster.” He felt that, despite certain issues, the evening was successful and that “the vast majority of people enjoyed themselves.”

O’Hanlon continued, “I wouldn’t say that it was appropriate for a Law Society event or for a formal debate”. He added however that the feedback he has received from people who attended the debate was mostly upbeat, stating that, “the vast majority of comments that I’ve heard have been positive.”

O’Hanlon made a full apology for the behaviour of both the Society and guest speakers at the debate.