Kylie Minogue - The Abbey Road sessions

Artist: Kylie Minogue

Album: The Abbey Road sessions

Grade: B -

In what has become a noticeable trend amongst female singers at a certain stage in their career, Kylie Minogue has jumped on the bandwagon and is revisiting her musical catalogue with an orchestra in tow. Whether it is successful is another question entirely, however, at 16 songs it runs a little too long: songs such as ‘Confide in Me’ and ‘Better The Devil You Know’ sound much weaker now than when they were first released, and one must wonder whether including them was worthwhile.

Instead, the compilation’s highlight is ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, which plays heavily on the unrequited love element of the song, with an almost film noir backing. Pieces of SAW fluff such as ‘Hand On Your Heart’ acquire a meaning they did not the first time around, Minogue becomes almost pensive in her reinterpretation of this onetime No.1 single.

‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ becomes more threatening than ever before, held in place by Hitchcockian strings. ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’ her duet with Nick Cave, sounds even more like an Appalachian murder ballad in its new guise, and merits re-release as a single.

In a Nutshell: These highlights aside, for a casual listener, the compilation is likeable but no masterpiece.

 By Stephen Heffernan