Restaurant and hospitality service provider, Kylemore Services Group, are no longer planning on donating money to the Welfare Fund, but will instead set up their own separate fund linked to the Students’ Union Welfare Office.

Students’ Union President Pat de Brún explained that instead of a direct contribution to the fund, Kylemore will cater to the requirements of the students in need, which can range from a pass for free food in outlets across campus for the year, to financial assistance.

The initiative was confirmed last week, and according to de Brún, “there was a willingness there on Kylemore’s part to get it in place and operating by the end of this year … I think it’s a nice [idea] because it’s a very obvious contribution to someone in financial need as opposed to handing money over … They are still displaying a willingness to engage with us and to assist in student activities. I’m hopeful that it does come through.”

The applications will be made based on Students’ Union Welfare Officer Rachel Breslin’s assessment of their circumstances, “some people are better going to the Welfare Fund, sometimes the Welfare Fund applications have closed.”

No limit has been finalised on the number of applications that can be put forward, “so we’re going to send in as many applications as we can and hope for the best, but they do seem committed,” says de Brún.

De Brún also recently received a price comparison list between current food operators in UCD and their former counterparts, which was compiled by UCD Commercial Manager, Gary Moss.

“This comparison does show that there hasn’t been an increase but I’m still looking in to whether the list of goods is comprehensive, is it covering everything that is on sale and was on sale … I believe there is one [outlet] which was not there yet,” de Brún stated in relation to the Pulse Café in the Health Sciences Building.