King of all Drinking Games?


Is King’s Cup really the greatest drinking game ever? James Martin certainly thinks so

As we all know from the Bible, drinking games started in Jesus’ time, when he would turn some water into wine, gather his crew together, and play beer pong. The night would almost always result in a trip to Abrakebabra, a Hebrew fast food outlet Jesus actually founded himself during the Great Piss-Up of 24AD.drinkinggame


It’s Friday night and you are sitting in your friend’s house, pants around your ankles, trying to remember the chain of inventive dance moves you must reproduce before adding your own artistic flare. Ah yes, the drinking game: that age-old ritualistic bond between close friends, alcohol and humiliation. You eyeball the King’s Cup, and wonder which one of your mates it was who added the brown stuff to the mixture. King’s, as the name suggests, is the supreme monarch of all drinking games.

The rules vary between groups, but for those unfamiliar with the basics, a rule is assigned to each card in the deck, and when a player pulls that card they must do whatever is assigned. Our favourite is the make-up-your-own rule card, which results in rules like “Follow every sentence you say with ‘In my pants’”. Rule cards can be added up so that by the end, you are trying to remember four different things. Of course, forgetting a rule requires you to drink.

The dreaded King’s Cup is a shared glass – for every King that is pulled, everyone must put a little of what they are drinking in the glass. When the final King is pulled, the unlucky player must down the entire thing.

Of course there are the simpler drinking games, aimed at getting you drunk faster. These are usually done when you are late arriving and are due to head into town in an hour or two. Whip out your iPod, go to The Police (this game is also a good excuse for having The Police on your iPod) and play ‘Roxanne’. The rules are simple. Everytime you hear “Roxaaaanne” you take a drink. Not as inventive as others, but hey, it gets the job done. Finally, when the time seems right, go outside, strip down to your undies and play “The Belfast and The Furious”. Yes, it’s just naked dudes running around the block for beers, but the glory of a win cannot be compared to anything else in this world.