Katie Ascough Accuses the University Observer of Bias at Hustings

In her closing speech Ascough explains that she wishes there was an “external" "tribunal" where she could lay out her case and explain what has happened because “our papers are not good enough.”She yelled to the crowd “You deserve better, you deserve to know the truth.” She then encouraged students to talk to her to seek this truth.Earlier during the hustings, she stated that the University Observer had said that they would be neutral but have published “ten to one” articles against her.The University Observer has published news as it became known to us. Katie Ascough is the person being impeached and so most articles have been about her. It is not the fault of the University Observer that the number of scandals around Ascough continues to rise.The University Observer has reached out to Ascough for comments and interviews. When asked for an interivew on a Wednesday, Ascough agreed to answer questions via email but not in person. Ascough continued to push back the deadline for when she would respond to these questions. After assuring the University Observer that she would provide answers to the questions by 2pm on the Saturday, questions were not answered until 3.30pm Sunday. Ascough requested the questions and answers be published in full, and requested to see the article before it was published. The University Observer agreed to publish the questions and answers in full and did so in this article and here.Ascough was asked to provide a piece from someone involved in her campaign about why she should not be impeached on Thursday. The evening of Tuesday 24th October at 11.30pm was when the article was sent to the University Observer and it was published this morning.The Vote Yes to Impeachment campaign has been very quiet and so there has been little to report about them. The Vote Yes campaign has responded to requests for comments from the Editor and Deputy Editor, but not from the News Editor of the University Observer. The University Observer has strived to produce accurate information about what is happening on the UCD campus and will continue to do so in future.