Karate Kid lecturer hospitalised

Originally published in Volume IV, Issue 11 on 8th April 1998 by Alan Torney. A lecturer in the faculty of Arts had to be hospitalised recently after launching a kick at a glass door in the Arts block LGs. He has now agreed to pay for the replacement of the glass and is said to be “very embarrassed” about his behaviour. The lecturer had been drinking at an evening event on Thursday, March 5th. When he went to leave the building by a door on the lower ground floor level, he discovered it was locked and attempted to force it by kicking the upper pane of glass with his foot. However, the glass broke, and the lecturer’s leg began bleeding profusely after sustaining a deep gash to the ankle. A number of students witnessed the aftermath of the incident and a trail of blood was left along the corridors leading to the Services Desk. The lecturer was brought to hospital for medical attention, where he received several stitches.The lecturer, who recently received a PhD from the college is considered one of the most popular and promising academics in his department. However her is also known for occasionally unpredictable behaviour, particularly in recent months. It is understood that a report was compiled on the incident by college authorities investigating the matter. Both Services and the Buildings Office were involved, but the incident was treated in a low key manner by those figures aware of the details of the accident. When contacted for a comment, Services Head, Mr. Peter McElroy said “we did get a report about the incident, but the individual involved has agreed to cover the costs of the breakage and has acknowledged it was a mistake. The matter will not be pursued further.”