Dear Immanuel,

I’ve just moved up to the big smoke for the first time and I just #KANTKOPE! I knew Dublin would be different to my hometown of Loughballykilabbeyport, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. The nightlife is just too much. Back home craft beer meant a can of Harp with some industrial solvent in it, and a hipster was just anyone who wore shoes. Now I keep ending up on class nights out with groups of munned men in velvet short-shorts arguing about IPAs. Everyone in my class just laughs at me when I say we should go bushin’.

I can’t even find a girlfriend to help improve my social standing. Back home I had mauled every cailín up to three towns over, all four of them, yet up here I can’t even get a look in. I walked up to the loveliest girl I could, in my best pressed GAA jersey, offered to buy her a plate of chips in the bar, and was still shot down. What should I do?

Mickey Joe McManus
1st Year Agricultural Linguistics and Celtic Jurisprudence


Hi Mickey,

Your predicament is a quintessential one to the human subject. When faced with an external, phenomenal world that compels one to repudiate the innate validity of one’s own conception of subjective fulfillment, the contingency of our prior engagement with the world is suddenly thrust into the necessary scrutiny of rationality. I would advise that you take the time needed for a reflective judgment that regards your own freedom in a world of otherwise causally determined events as an a-priori truth of being. Do not forget that much that you encounter in this metropolis, while it may provide an aesthetic experience of the sublime for some, has no relation to the supersensible noumenality of moral truth.

I’m aware how obvious all of that may be, but I do hope it aids you.



Hey Immanuel,

I’m only a few weeks into my final year of college and I just #KANTKOPE. Somedays I just wonder why I’m not enjoying it. My thesis on using loopholes in rights legislation to defend police brutality has been a great laugh to write, but I just feel unhappy for some reason. Can you help me?

Also, if there is a cleave between the experiential and mind-independent parts of reality, how do I know that the two are in any meaningful sense correlated?

Aisling O’Gráda
4th Year Oppression Studies and Tax Evasion


Hi Aisling,

I think there’s an easy solution. Whenever I feel low, I just take a deep breath and remind myself that any concepts lacking corresponding intuition are still thoughts, but an associated object is needed to obtain knowledge from it! It always makes me smile.

As for your latter question, I’ll be fucked if I know!