Jinxin' Jezzebelle!

Acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter "Jinx" brings his own special brand of folk, blues, and country music for several dates in Ireland, from June 1st through June 13th.He will be traveling alongside Dublin's own folk heroes "Jezzebelle", who have a new album coming out in September 2010.The lonesome sweet sound of the slide resonator guitar, rocking new twists on the blues, the sandy, cactus-laden spanish guitar riffs, or the beautiful traditional chord changes of the steel string, are all summoned in the forging of Jinx's songwriting style. A versatile tour-de-force on the guitars, with a gravelly voice to match, Jinx conjours up moods, grooves, and stories that rock, stomp, inspire, sadden, and leave you wanting more. It is uncommon to find an artist who can draw from so many traditional styles, and yet effortlessly combine them into wonderfully new soulful songs.With over twenty years playing experience Jinx involves the audience in stories of love, happiness, loneliness, frustration, salvation, and death.Jinx's material hits an emotional chord that everyone connects with. The material is written in a classic style that sounds instantly familiar, but rings new with each listen.[caption id="attachment_7628" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Jinxing the Wheel of Fortune"]self-image of jinx[/caption]Jinx uses a wide array of guitars to present his songs. He has a traditional steel-string Martin acoustic for part of the show, but also wields resonator guitars for slide and finger-picking. A “resonator” guitar is a guitar that has a chrome resonator ring (somewhat resembling a pie plate) embedded in the body for a special blues or bluegrass sound. He creates other worldly soundscapes on a nylon string flamenco guitar, an acoustic 12 string,and at one point teases the past out of a solid chrome Dobro guitar. Amazingly adept at playing the authentic styles of these guitars, he also jumps categories and utilizes them in modern songs.Jinx grew up in the city of San Diego, California which has also produced top rootsy talents like Jim Croce, The Beat Farmers, and Nickel Creek.Jezzebelle is Katie Carpenter & Gary Burke from Dublin, Ireland. Their music is a feel-good original blend of rock, roots & country. Gary's intense guitar rhythms and edgy vocals blend gorgeously with Katie's unbelievably soulful voice to amaze you with folk, pop, and funky acoustic tunes! Mainly influenced by Fleetwood Mac and BruceSpringsteen, Jezzebelle represent a new breed of Irish musicians who are merging great traditional styles into a timeless new sound. Their new full length CD, "Roll A Double" is scheduled for September release.Jinx will be playing at venues in Dublin and the surrounding areas, see the venues and schedule, along with video and music at: www.jinxtunes.com