J1 Student lands part in Hollywood Movie

Originally published in Volume V, Issue 1 on 22nd September 1998 by Katherine O'Callaghan. A fourth year science UCD student, Hilary Murray, has extended her summer stay in America to take part in a Hollywood movie. The film will be released throughout Europe and will be called “Sunburn”. According to a close friend of Ms. Murray’s, the films deals with the issue of Irish students spending the summer in America. Hilary will take the part of one of the students and will remain in America until the first week of October. She was spending her summer in Montauk, and was at work in a French boutique clothes shop when she was spotted and asked to try out for a part in the film. Ms Murray then partook in three or four auditions being chosen for a part in the film. The film will include several Irish students. Hilary has been active in the Literary and Historical society in UCD, most noticeably when she organised last year’s L&H Strauss Ball. “Hilary has never been particularly into drama” her mother, Mrs. Joan Murray told the University Observer. She went on to speak of how proud she was of her daughter: “It is a super experience for her. She rang me to tell me about the scene they had filmed where the group of students break into a swimming pool at night. I asked her what she was wearing!” According to Mrs. Murray, the plot revolves around an Irish boy who is finding it difficult to settle into American life. There are three main parts and then a group of Irish students. The clothes shop which Ms. Murray was working in caters to the super rich and famous. One of Ms. Murray’s customers was Madonna, who told Hilary that she was celebrating her 40th birthday that day. Montauk is home to billionaires and during the summer is full of Irish students attempting to make money. There appears to be a standard rate of $125 per person per week for accommodation, regardless of how many people are sharing one room. Students are living in cramped accommodation and working up to twelve hours a day. It remains to be seen if this reality will be reflected in the film.