It’s vintage, darling!

If anything has become obvious over the years it's that fashion goes round in circles. Who would have thought that your Granny’s favourite outfit would become part of the most sought-after clothing markets in recent years? Vintage clothing has seen a stratospheric rise in popularity, to the point where there is a vintage store or flea market on every street corner. Siopaella, the store featured here, has mastered the various branches of this trend and put a vintage and consignment store under one roof. Where once, nobody would have dreamt of walking into a strange-smelling charity shop to look for a new wardrobe addition, it is now socially acceptable, and in fact aspired to, to claim that your outfit is older than you and cost half the price of the Topshop equivalent.Vintage? Second-hand? What’s the difference? It is true that there is an unexplainable void between the two terms, and what may cost €5 in a charity shop is likely to be hiked up to €15 in a so-called “vintage” shop for no apparent reason. Generally speaking however, vintage items are individually sourced by the shop or stall owner, and are of a higher quality than something you’d find lying on the floor in a charity shop. However, it is possible to pick up some high-quality stuff in your local charity shop; you just need to look that bit harder. Oxfam are catching on to the trend, and many stores are now identifying items as vintage and labelling and arranging them together in the store as such, making the vintage-lover’s life that bit easier.Many reasons can be pointed to for the rise in popularity for vintage clothing and the recession isn’t exactly a subtle one. These days, hunting for a bargain is everyone’s objective and the fashion world is no exception. Stylish dressers still want to portray a certain look or show their take on the latest trend, and shopping vintage is the perfect way to do just that.The environmentally conscious members of society today are also avid vintage fans, since re-using and recycling items is the perfect way to do your bit to help the world around us. Trawling through the attic or a second hand shop may seem like hard work, but being environmentally and economically conscious is vital in today’s fast-paced, wasteful, and consumer-driven world.Vintage shopping is catering for all who crave the fantasy and excitement of the fashion world, but are still mindful of their pockets, the environment, and the world’s rather precarious financial situation at the moment. It seems the perfect compromise; a fashion fix without the guilt - it's the conscientious shopper’s dream.