It’s a pound a pint in the Student Bar

Originally published in Volume V, Issue 2 on 14th October 1998 by Observer Reporter. Murphy’s will soon be offering a second free point for every pint of its stout purchased in the student bar. This can be seen as a direct move to cut in on the student stout-drinking market traditionally monopolised by Guinness. The offer will last for several weeks, a source told the University Observer, and will be followed by a Murphy’s voucher offer, similar to that offered by Fosters lager currently in the campus bar. The Fosters token have proven to be extremely successful, enticing an ever increasing number of students to sample their particular brand of lager. For each pint purchased a token is received. Three tokens gets one a free point. Murphy's are going a step further by promising a pint for every pint purchased. The likelihood is that this outlandish offer will be continued for a limited time only, its introduction being a means in which to grab the attention of an already saturated market. A Guinness spokesperson revealed to the University Observer that the deal is already causing tensions within the organisation. She stated that “these gimmicks are always an effective method of getting people to try drinks, and undoubtedly Murphy’s will enjoy a brief spate of increases business. While we’re worried about the short-term impacts on our sales in UCD, the Guinness brand is far too established at this stage to be overly concerned.” For years the Students’ Union has promised a reduced pint price. Ian Walsh, last year’s SU president as his key election cry, a promise he did not fulfil. It appears that for a short while, anyhow, UCD students will enjoy their pints at a reasonable price.