Are women envious of your buttery soft hands? Kieran Murphy helps you roughen them up with The Art of Manliness

Manliness has gone out the window due to the onset of metrosexualism and the likes of David Beckham and his hair bands and Armani underwear advertisements. Men nowadays have hands softer than their mothers and are focused more on their frosted hair instead of the virtues of being manly. No more, said Brett and Kate McKay and they’ve since started up The Art of Manliness (, a blog dedicated to the lost art of being a man.

The couple founded the website due to magazines like Men’s Health focusing more and more on sex, six packs and North Face jackets. They asked has being ‘manly’ been relegated to throwing on a North Face jacket and being able to recite the Kama Sutra? Instead, The Art of Manliness shows men how to be chivalric and healthy, with the ultimate aim towards encouraging readers to be better husbands, fathers, brothers and men.

Articles range from the more light hearted to the serious – ‘How To Wrestle an Alligator’ instructs people to mount the animal from behind and run away, in as manly a manner as possible. Otherwise you can get inspiration for Movember, with the ‘Top Twelve Infamous Moustaches of All Time’. I won’t give away who’s gotten the top spot, but I’m afraid to say that Daniel Day Lewis does not make an appearance.

The Art of Manliness also covers a wide range of topics such as health and fitness, including an article entitled: ‘Do More than One Stinking Pull Up’, that comes in useful when you live in a house that has three fitness fanatics as I do. Or instead of increasing your fitness with a Slendertone, you can learn how to maximise your glutes with an old-fashioned medicine ball.

After you’ve gotten your physique looking as manly as possible, you can learn how to dress the appropriate way with ‘How to Tie a Tie’, or else gather inspiration from a wide range of vintage images of men dressing as manly as possible.

The feminist movement did some great things, but it also made men confused about their role and no longer proud of the virtues of manliness. The Art of Manliness encourages men to return back to their roots and embody all the skills and virtues their grandfather had, and if this site doesn’t at least do that, it will certainly entertain you during study week while you try out the nine ways of lighting a fire without matches.