Irish Times import Transphobia in effort to be more British | The Harpy

The Irish Times, the in-house journal of West Brits, has defended their recent anti-transgender editorial stances by citing an affinity for “British Culture”.

In a statement from their editorial board, they said “British culture has ennobled us savage Celts immeasurably, and is the reason we don’t speak German. To ignore their infinite wisdom on gender would be our greatest mistake since leaving the commonwealth, and undoubtedly lead to our reversion to savagery, paganism, and witchcraft”. The statement went on to list transphobic radical feminism as one of Britain’s greatest cultural exports to Ireland, alongside the occupation of the North, an entrenched class system, and the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin. 

In traditional British society, there are only two genders, TERF and nonce. When same-sex marriges were legalised in England in 2014, all homosexuals seeking a marrige certificate were required to signify which one is the Greer, and which is the Liddle. UCD Professor of Sociology Dr Wes Britton explained “The Nonce/TERF gender divide is important to the organising of British society, and defines the roles of everyone from chimney sweeps to members of the Royal Household”.

Irish Times Political Editor Phat Peepee recently stated on the Irish Times Podcast that “The only safe identity affirming surgery is a Journalectomy, where a would-be reporter has their skullcap temporarily removed and their brain sanded smooth so they better fit in with the journalistic culture at a mainstream newspaper”.

The Irish Times isn’t alone in its editorial stance, with RTÉ inviting former comedy writer Josef Mengele for a reasonable discussion on healthcare for trans children and The Independent  inviting LGB Alliance chairperson Ian Paisley Jr. to write an op-ed on the importance of trans-exclusion for Lesbian rights.