Irish Student Survey (ISSE) reopened for 2017

Image courtesy of[br]THE Irish Student Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) is once again open for students across Ireland to complete. First year, final year, and postgraduate students have been sent an email to their student accounts asking them to complete the survey.Last year 2,026 UCD students responded. Overall satisfaction at UCD was very high. 82% of the students stated that their experience in UCD was good or excellent, and 87% said they would come to UCD even if they had to start over again.The measurement of engagement within the university was divided into 5 different sections; careers, outside the classroom, meeting and working with others, academic life, and personal development.Careers had the most negative results with just 10% of students having talked about career plans with academic staff. Participation outside the classroom also gave negative results. Notably only 33% of students had had contact with students from different backgrounds (social, racial, religious etc.).There were also some positive results however. In regards to interacting one on one between student and staff, meeting and working with one another has had very positive results. 74% of students rated their relationships with academic staff highly. However, when it came to working in group projects, the results dropped significantly to 53%. Interaction with support services had reasonable results, but 67% still suggests it needs improvement.Academic life had a very positive response with most categories on or above the 70% mark. The lowest was 60% which was the amount of students that had used learning support services, although not everyone needs these services which may have contributed to the result.The results for personal development were quite mixed with the university’s contribution to critical and analytic thinking being quite high at 77%. While the university’s contribution to being an informed and active citizen was fairly low at just 40%.