Up and Coming Irish Artists to Watch

Jessica Viola suggests her favourite Irish artists to watch out for in 2020.

Eve Belle:

Singer-songwriter, Eve Belle came onto the radar when she opened for Hozier in 2018 and has been continuously raising the bar through her versatility and talent. Recently, this Donegal songstress launched her latest single, ‘Smithereens’ which has amassed 15,000 streams since its release. Belle’s music has a pop-folk style with a soft but powerful voice, that supports the weight of her storytelling. Eve Belle’s songwriting skills are commendable as she shares her life filled with love and vulnerability in her latest EP, ‘The Fine Line Between Brave and Stupid’.


This Dublin based group released their first single, ‘Save the Bees’ just over a year ago and have grown exponentially since then. With over 17,500 monthly Spotify listeners, sourfruit are definitely ones to watch. They have a distinctive alternative pop sound mixed with thoughtful lyricism that resonates with their emerging audience. Specifically, their latest single, ‘Candlelight’ contains sourfruit’s classic rap-sung verses as well as some production methods that are unique to their sound. One noteworthy technique was creating the illusion that singer, Eoin Byrne was drowning underwater midway through his verse to amplify the song’s tension. Without a doubt, the creativity and passion that sourfruit put behind their music should not be overlooked. 

Orla Gartland:

You may have heard of this Irish soloist from her Youtube covers back in 2015 which gained a multitude of views. Due to the success off of her channel, Gartland has been able to launch into her career with singles such as, ‘Why Am I Like This’ and ‘Heavy’ with the latter released in mid-January of this year. Orla Gartland’s music is highly recommended as she falls into the pop genre, but her songs contain more sentiment than the those on the mainstream charts of today, making her authentic and noteworthy. 


Although frontman Elijah Hewson descends from music legend Bono, his band, Inhaler are admirable in their own right. Inhaler hails from Dublin and originally met in school where they came together through their love of music. Their sound contains heavy basslines, catchy riffs and angsty vocals that will keep you wanting more. Their newest single, ‘We Have To Move On’ explores their musical talent by combining the sound of present day rock with trends from the 80s, such as through their use of a synthesizer. Through countless upcoming gigs and new music to be released this year, Inhaler’s success does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.