IPA becomes recognised college of UCD

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) has become a recognised college of UCD, following a reception to mark the event was held in Newman House, St Stephen’s Green on January 30th. Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn was the guest of honor at the event.According to an IPA spokesperson, “our joint vision is that by combining the experience, capacity and reputation of the IPA and UCD, Ireland can create an internationally recognised centre of teaching and research excellence in the sphere of government, where top leaders from the Irish and European public sector and further afield come to develop their skills and competencies.”Following the recognition of the IPA as a UCD college, the IPA will continue to operate as an independent body, with its own board and governance arrangement. However, the partnership with UCD is expected to provide new opportunities for IPA’s clients in Ireland and internationally in the areas of joint academic programmes, joint research activities, joint delivery on international programmes, and the sharing of technology, library and other facilities.The IPA was founded in 1957 and is the national centre for the development of best practice in public administration and public management. It provides education and training specific to the needs of public servants, although this training is not provided exclusively to them.An IPA spokesperson stated that the reasoning behind the partnership between the IPA and UCD is that “Ireland needs to ensure that its public service is leading global practice. This is central to national welfare and competitiveness. Developing new capacity and skills is critical to the future of the Irish public service, and it is anticipated that the new IPA-UCD partnership will play an important role in supporting the transformation of the Irish public service.“UCD and IPA are ideal partners to pursue this common vision.  UCD’s strengths complement the mission of the IPA. UCD has academic expertise in key areas such as business, law, economics, finance, social sciences, computer science, public health, planning, and civil engineering, which will allow the IPA to also act as a gateway to leading edge knowledge and research that can provide the Irish public service with new insights. On a very practical level, all students in future enrolling in IPA programmes will receive their awards from UCD. For new IPA students, the access to pathways of learning available through a major university such as UCD will be a major bonus.”