Societies Column - Introducing ... The UCD Classical Society

Introducing ... The UCD Classical Society

Within the hallowed halls of Newman rests the birthplace of one of UCD’s oldest societies: the Classical Society. Though standing since 1906, its foundation remains simple—a collective love for Classics. From Plato to Percy Jackson, we allow the ancient and modern to mingle in ways that encourage the world’s ever-growing enthusiasm for antiquity.

Led by Auditor Max Gahan-Phelan, our aim is to curate a lively year for our members. We begin on Fresher’s Week with simple introductions, such as ‘spill the tea’ module briefings and meet-and-greet coffee mornings. As the rest of the year unfolds, so will our exciting list of events. From trireme building and museum visits, to toga parties and our legendary symposium, we save the most exciting event of all for last: the inaugural lecture, attended by students and staff alike.

At the heart of our Society is celebrating the queerness and individuality of Classics. Its maelstrom of myth and history defines our identity—and we happily welcome all who wish to join our chaos.

A tip for surviving the first month of college? Create a route for your timetable. We understand navigating campus for the first time can be daunting; its Labyrinthian layout is no joke. Take time to plan where you’ll be each day, and familiarize yourself with it week-by-week—you’ll take to it as easily as Adriane’s thread.

Andrea Beatrice (preferred name Bea) Basa 



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