'Intro to Arts' module abolished

Intro to Arts (HUM10030) is to no longer be a core module for incoming Arts students. The move was announced by Undergraduate Education Officer Amy Fox in her Executive Report at last night's Students' Council.The move came after it was found that that the compulsory module was “not achieving what it set out to achieve”, which was to assist students in the transition from second level to third level education. That view that was echoed by faculty convenors who had taken the module themselves as well as by a large number of students. Initially, the intention was to tweak the module slightly in places where it may not have been the best, Fox says. However due to proposed changes to the module, it was found that a complete overhaul was needed.The decision to discontinue the module was taken by the University, between the Dean of Arts Dr. Muiris O'Suilleabhain and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies Prof. Bairbre Redmond. Fox says that the module is not to be discontinued indefinitely, but is a temporary move until a more suitable model or module is devised, one suggested model is that of the tutoring scheme in Law and Engineering whereby first year students are assigned a member of staff as tutor, who they meet with a few times a semester.Intro to Arts is designed to help first year BA students adjust to the academic aspect of university life. The module includes guides to referencing, plagiarism, critical thinking, reading and writing, and organisational skills, as well as exam preparation and guidelines. 2014/2015 was the third academic year in which incoming students were required to take the module as a core module in the first semester. Although the programme will not be the same for new students in September, those who failed the module in the first semester of this year will still have to repeat it, a system for which will be put in place.Correction: This article originally stated that Dr. Joe Brady was Dean of Arts. Dr. Muiris O'Suilleabhain is Dean of Arts.