Californian students protest against budget cutback

THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS and staff went out in protest against budget cutbacks in the California state capital, Sacramento on Monday, 16th March. Over 7,500 students from Berkeley and from other academic institutions in the area protested against the $8 billion shortfall in education spending.

Over $115 million has already been cut from University of California and other institutions. A decrease in teacher numbers and classes has occured because of a cut in state funding, despite an increase in the numbers of students enrolling into university. The university is planning to support a College Affordability Act which would freeze student fees for five years before allowing for fee increases proportionate to inflation.

University of California, Berkeley

Vomiting bug hits Cambridge University

A VOMITING BUG, which was first detected in Sidney Sussex college, has spread throughout a number of colleges including Cambridge University. The ‘Winter Vomiting Bug’ had caused a shutdown of Sidney Sussex with over 80 students, catering and academic staff being affected.

Students at the university were ordered to stay in their rooms until the those infected with the bug were quarantined. A number of events held in the college were cancelled as a result.

Cambridge University, England

Skepticism over extra funding for graduates in Toronto University

THE UNIVERSITY of Toronto’s plans to invest $51.6 million into researchbased studies over the next three years has been met with criticism by student officials.The funding, which will create 3,300 new spaces for graduates students, has been criticised as it will not increase further academic positions for students.

The funding will aim to help the development of a highly skilled, highly educated workforce and will create over 1,925 new Masters degree places and 1,373 new PhD spots. The majority of these places would be allocated to the University of Toronto.

University of Toronto, Canada

Law students file complaints against University of Virginia professor

LAW STUDENTS have filed reports against a professor in the University of Virginia, accusing him of making offensive comments, harsh language and giving preferential treatment to particular students. Professor Doug Leslie was also reported to have sent a mass e-mail to his students encouraging them to voice their opinions to the Academic Association Dean.

Prof. Leslie has denied the accusations and had sent out an email to students to help remedy the situation, including audio-recording his classes to avoid being inaccurately reported. An investigation into the incidents is now underway and should Prof. Leslie be found to have committed any wrongdoing, his scheduled classes would change lecturers although he could be allowed to teach other classes.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville