International News in Brief


Research funding could be cut by over £140 million

FUNDING for research in the top universities in the UK could be cut by up to £140 million. The Russel Group of top universities could lose up to ten per cent of their funding if the government funds all research deemed to be world-leading or internationally excellent. Cambridge, which has been recently declared the UK’s top university for research, faces the prospect of losing millions of pounds in government funding when allocation for government investment is announced in March. A recent government study into the quality of university research found world-leading research in 150 of the 159 participating institutions.


Cambridge University, England

79 per cent of students witnessed discrimination in D.C. university

RESEARCH carried out by the Students Commission for Unity (SCU) has revealed that 79 per cent of students reported witnessing discrimination in Georgetown University. Almost half of the students surveyed admitted to having ignored at least one instance of discrimination on campus. The survey also found that 75 per cent of those surveyed felt that homophobia was a problem on campus while 76 per cent claimed to be concerned with self-segregation. The research was carried out by university staff and students where 1,339 students were surveyed over a period of ten months. The survey was created in response to two alleged hate crimes against Georgetown students.

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Ban on laptops during lectures implemented in Yale

A NUMBER of professors and teaching assistants have banned or discouraged the use of laptops during lectures to help facilitate class participation and improve students’ concentration. The lecturers felt that laptops in their lectures created a barrier between students and themselves which discouraged discussion and interaction with students. There has been a reported rise in classroom interaction as well as an improvement in grades. The policy is now being considered to be implemented in more lectures throughout the university.

Yale University, Connecticut

UC to gain millions from government stimulus plan

THE UNIVERSITY of California could gain millions and boost financial aid chances for students if the $819 billion stimulus proposed by the American government is passed. Over $140 billion would be set aside for education and is focused on helping college students pay for their education by increasing the maximum Pell Grant award to $5,350. It will also increase the number of eligible recipients for eligible recipients for Pell Grants by 2,000 and would add $22 million to the system. Although the state of California could expect $14.5 billion if the plan passes, budget cuts and constraints will still be implemented in the university.

University of California, Berkeley

Five British Columbia students arrested after engineering prank

FIVE Civil Engineering students were arrested by police when they were caught attempting to hang the shell of a Volkswagon Beetle off a bridge. The prank, which is an annual tradition, was to commemorate Engineering Week. Police responded to a call from people who saw the students attempting to hang the shell off the bridge. The tradition began in 1980 and the most famous incident was the hanging of a Volkswagon shell from the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco in 2001.

University of British Columbia, Canada