Indie Games Showcase

AfterpartyPlatform: PC (Microsoft Windows and Mac OS)From Night School Studio (the makers of Oxenfree) comes Afterparty, a story of two best friends who suddenly find themselves dead. They embark on a pub-crawl in the depths of hell to gain entrance to Satan’s after-party, the end goal being to beat him in a drinking game and return to their lives on earth. Featuring interesting dialogue choices and stunning art style, Afterparty is one to watch.Tunic Platform: Xbox One, Microsoft WindowsTunic is an adventure game directly inspired by The Legend of Zelda and developed by Andrew Shouldice. The protagonist is a tunic-clad little fox with an isometric view. Its aim is to explore the enticing world, unearth hidden secrets, and defeat enemies to progress the storyline. Tunic is a promising gem that Zelda fans are sure to love.Death Trash Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux)Styled in grungy pixel art, Death Trash promises to be a game of considerable violence, warfare, and absurd monstrous imagery. Death Trash is in development by Stephan Hövelbrinks and takes place on the planet Nexus where machines were once seen as a means for protection, but are now figures of violence and terror. With black humour at its core and a grotesque world as the backdrop, Death Trash is a unique game that demands notice.Mosaic Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft WindowsGarnering comparisons to Limbo and Inside, Mosaic tells the story of a protagonist living in a capitalistic world of dreary oppression. Developed by Krillbite Studio, this narrative-driven game details life as a cog in a machine, juxtaposed by the protagonist’s vivid imagination. Although its setting is gloomy, Mosaic shines as a game to watch out for.Ooblets Platform: Xbox One, Microsoft WindowsDeveloped by Glumberland, Ooblets draws inspiration from games such as Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Pokémon. The player is able to grow creatures called ‘ooblets’, and then train them to engage in dance battles. With a rich and hugely customizable world, Ooblets appears to be the latest edition to the genre of relaxing life simulators.