Inaugural Health Sciences Ball to be held in March

The first ever Health Science Ball is set to take place on March 3rd in the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire.The event is being organised by Health Sciences and Nursing Programme Officer Aoife Nic Samhráin along with a committee of around 13 people. The committee is made up of people from every course in Health Science. A number of class reps are also assisting the organisation.Nic Samhráin told The University Observer that she felt after the success of the Health Science Sports Day in September, this was another way to bring the faculty together: “It just worked really well getting everyone from every single course out and it’s kind of good because we’re always in the same building, but you literally don’t know anyone apart from your fellow course, so I thought it’d be a good idea.”Nic Samhráin also highlighted that many of the individual courses within the building such as Nursing and Biomedical Science don’t have their own ball, unlike Medicine or Physiotherapy, and as a result she believes this will be more inclusive.The event is mostly being funded from ticket sales, but Nic Samhráin is still looking for sponsorship, and attempting to keep costs down and secure deals on fake tan and make-up, along with one already in place for men with Black Tie.A raffle will take place after the meal, which will be in aid of the Irish Cancer Society, and any leftover ticket money after covering costs will also be donated.The theme of the night will be Hollywood. Nic Samhráin explained: “We’re going to try and get a red carpet, and we’ve five little Oscar trophies and we’re going to give out prizes for best couple or best dressed.” A competition is currently being run to come up with “Oscar Award Categories” for the trophies.There are only 400 tickets being sold for the event, of which the first 200 will go on sale for €35, and the remaining 200 will cost €40. Nic Samhráin is feeling positive that the event will sell out. “People have reserved tickets already because anyone that’s on placement can reserve tickets, so we’ve got a good few people reserving tickets already, so I’d say it should work.”Tickets will be on sale from January 25th at 11am in the Health Science foyer, on a first-come, first-served basis.