The UCD Cinema, due to open as part of the new Student Centre in April 2012, is to feature the screening of Irish Film Institute (IFI) and independent films, reports Eimear McGovern.

Student Centre manager Dominic O’Keefe told the University Observer that he intends to purchase around 150 IFI films, which will be screened throughout the year in the UCD Cinema.

The IFI runs themed movie weekends, and the intention is that that the IFI films being screened in UCD will run with a similar pattern.  Films will be screened six times every fortnight and will be offered at a student-friendly price.

O’Keefe also intends to offer students a ‘season ticket’ for the IFI films, so that they can purchase a ticket that will guarantee them admission to all IFI films being screened that day in the UCD Cinema.

However O’Keefe says it will be important for the cinema to balance the films being shown, ensuring that mainstream and IFI films will be screened subject to demand. It is also his intention that many of the IFI films will be screened in different languages to cater for international students. “You have to balance it, you have to have the genre, and the collections, and the back catalogue. And then we have the rights from all the DVDs, and all the DVD collections.”

O’Keefe says that the choice of IFI films being screened will be “[features] popular with students. Like maybe you might do a Tuesday night Mad Max show with all the Mad Max films that are there, and then show all the Quentin Tarantino movies on a night.”

The cinema under construction is set to have 3D facilities, “to be a modern cinema now you have to have 3D, and the cinema has been designed to be a 3D projection system. We have the radio glasses and everything ordered in for it. It’ll be 3D, THX surround sound and a Dolby sound system as well, so it will be full-blown 3D,” explains O’Keeffe.

He goes on to say that students will have a say as to what movies will be shown. “It’s very much an interactive cinema, insofar as we will interact with the customer, and the customer will interact with the house as well, to program the films. That makes it fun, and that’s the way it should be in a student environment, as opposed to pure consumerism. It’s kind of a double-edged sword. Hopefully there’ll be educational content in there for people too. Maybe someone will take up filmmaking out of it”.